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Lip Botox Injection


Please find all information regarding the treatments offered below. All appointments require a booking fee which will be deducted from the total price of your treatments.

Can't find the treatment you're looking for? We offer tailored packages to suit your individual needs, get in touch via the 'Contact' page to enquire.


I don’t know what I need, what do I do?


Many of our patients are unsure on what treatment would be required to address their individual concerns. Many times, patients book in for a procedure which we feel isn’t required, in this case we will recommend an alternate treatment or advise against it all together. We are the experts within this field and pride ourselves on offering nothing but honest, transparent advice and treatment. If you are unsure on what you feel you need or want, please do not worry and leave that to us. Please feel free to book a consultation and we will advise accordingly!

I am pregnant/breastfeeding, can I have any treatments?


We are unable to treat anyone who is pregnant or breastfeeding. There is not significant evidence to support the safety of toxin or dermal filler within pregnancy or lactation and it would be unethical to treat in this instance.

Will I bruise?


Any time a needle pierces the skin, bruising can occur. Whilst rare with treatments like botox, we can simply never guarantee that you won’t bruise or swell. Please arrange your appointments around any big events and ensure that you have 2 weeks to allow symptoms to subside.

How can I prevent bruising and swelling?


Avoiding alcohol, aspirin and ibuprofen for 72 hours before any injectable procedure. Avoid strenuous exercise and caffeine on the morning of your appointment. You can also take arnica tablets purchased from any pharmacy or health store for 2 weeks pre procedure to minimise bleeding.

Can I go on holiday after my appointment?


We advise that for the first 72 hours post treatment, that you do not travel overseas. This is most important for dermal filler treatments. Should a vascular complication arise, you need to be reviewed and treated within a prompt time frame. if you are out of the country and a complication occurs, we are unable to treat or review you in person. We also advise that patients remain out of direct sunlight for the first 48 hours post procedure.  Air travel will not impact filler or Botox results, we simply advise against immediate travel should a complication arise.

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