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Lip Botox Injection


Please find all information regarding the treatments offered below. All appointments require a booking fee which will be deducted from the total price of your treatments.

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How does it work and why do we use it?


Our facial muscles are continuously moving, we use our facial muscles to animate our faces, to show emotion, to eat and drink and to speak. This repetitive daily muscle movement causes the skin attached to these muscles to move and animate too. It’s this repetitious contraction of facial muscles & skin that causes expression lines and wrinkles to form on the face. Whilst we want to remain able to move our faces to show expression and feeling, the fine lines and wrinkles which form can be of concern to patients. Administering botulinum toxin SLOWS the muscular movement which is responsible for the formation of wrinkles. Toxin acts as both a preventative and curative treatment for these facial lines, it softens the presence of fine lines and prevents deep set static wrinkles from setting in. Toxin has other uses too, and when expertly injected can be utilised to lift regions of the face, stop excessive sweating prevent downward pulling & slim bulkier muscles.

How do Anti-Wrinkle Injections work?


Botulinum Toxin (known as Botox) is a neuromodulator that is injected into targeted treatment areas using an ultra-fine needle. Botox works by blocking the nerve signals needed for facial muscles to contract. Muscle

movement is slowed, and cosmetic improvement then takes shape. Once injected, the neuromodulator relaxes the muscles and decreases their movement, which in turn reduces appearance of lines or wrinkles in the area. Effect starts to kick in anywhere from 3-7 days post injection, with final results being seen 14 days later.

Are anti-wrinkle injections painful?


The procedure is not considered painful. Most patients report a brief period of discomfort during the injection, which does not persist once the procedure is complete. Numbing agent is not required, needles utilised for toxin procedures are as fine as a hair.

How long does anti-wrinkle last?


The results of Botox typically last between 3-4 months from the date of injection depending on the region treated. Over time the body metabolises the Botox, leading to the slow return of muscle movement in the treatment area. Patients can choose to maintain their Botox results for longer periods by undergoing periodic maintenance treatments every 3-4 months.

When should I start anti-wrinkle treatment?


Some patients may wonder if they are ‘too young’ or ‘too old’ to try Botox. There is no right or wrong age to start using Botox, and we assess by presentation not by age. Patients should always receive a consultation by a medical prescribing professional prior to treatment, whereby suitability for treatment will be assessed accordingly. As a rough guide, we advise that when the fine lines start to etch and remain present on the skin surface whilst your face is AT REST, its time to consider treatment if these lines are bothersome. If your lines are very deep set and do not disappear when you stretch the surrounding skin, you may require alternate treatment alongside toxin.

What are the risks of botulinum toxin injections?


Whilst this is a very low risk procedure, all risks and possible adverse outcomes are discussed at consultation. Toxin is not permanent, so any undesired side effects wear off after usually 8/12 weeks.



Lumps at the injection site

Facial Asymmetry

Brow or Eyelid Ptosis



Frown Lines (Eleven’s Lines) - The lines that appear between the eyebrows when you frown are called forehead frown lines & are caused by the corrugator and procerus muscles. Often, these lines can make you look tired, upset, or angry. Botox reduces the depth of these lines & prevents further worsening of said wrinkles. Treatment to this region can also provide a subtle lift to the medial forehead.


Forehead Lines – These are the horizontal lines that form across the forehead and are caused by the frontalis muscle. This muscle function is to elevate the brows, and this is one of the most commonly requested regions to treat with toxin.


Bunny Lines - These are the creases that appear across the sides of the nose caused by the nasalis muscle. These lines can appear when the face is ‘scrunched’ and can also become more apparent with repeated treatment to the frown in isolation, Careful placement of Botox injections at either side of the nose can reduce the appearance of these lines and prevent static wrinkles from taking hold.


Crows Feet - These are small, fine lines that extend from the corners of your eyes when you laugh or smile. Botox injections work exceptionally well in easing their appearance, giving a youthful look and if desired, a lateral brow lift.


Lip Flip - The primary benefit of the Botox lip flip is the subtle enhancement & lift to the upper lip. The lip can gain a sloped, ski jump-like aesthetic that defines your existing vermillion border. This creates the illusion that lips are

more plump & youthful. The lip flip can also have a wrinkle-reducing effect on the upper lip, smoothing vertical lip lines.


Gummy Smile - A gummy smile can be secondary to a variety of factors; from dentistry issues, underlying bone structure, gum length, a shortened upper lip and overactivity of the muscles that create your smile. If the upper lip elevator muscles that lift the upper lip up are overactive/hyperactive, they reveal too much gum tissue on smiling. A

small amount of botox will be injected at both sides of the junction of the nostril and nose to mouth fold to weaken the muscles. Within the next 3-10 days, the elevation of the upper lip will gradually become less and your smile transformed.


Downturned mouth - As we age the mouth can take on a downturned appearance. This causes a very negative and sour /sad appearance to the face. A downturned mouth can be treated with botox injections. These injections stop the DAO (depressor anguli oris) muscle pulling down the corners of the mouth. Treatment will cause the corners of the mouth to be slightly lifted, giving the mouth a more relaxed, happy, youthful and pleasing appearance.


Pebble Chin/Chin Crease – Many patients complain of the appearance of an 'orange peel chin' or small dimpled craters across the surface of the chin. This is often referred to as a pebbled chin and is caused when the mentalis muscle is hyperactive or too large. The mental crease is the fine line which forms above the chin and beneath the lower lip, and treatment to the mentalis will also improve & prevent the appearance of this wrinkle.

Jawline Slimming - We can use botulinum toxin injections to reduce the bulk and size of the masseter muscle to shape the face & highlight the jawline. Botox injection to the masseter is also known to treat bruxism (teeth grinding).Strong masseter muscles give the appearance of a wide jaw which in turn produces a square, masculine face. This can be unflattering for some women, and men too. Toxin injections here shrink the masseter muscles and slims the face.


Brow Lift – Botulinum toxin gives great and natural looking results for those looking for a brow lift without wanting to take the surgical route. By relaxing the muscles that pull the eyebrows down, toxin can create a subtle lift to the upper face & brows.


Nefertiti Neck Lift/Neck Bands - Neck bands or cords appear when the platysma of the neck pulls down. The platysma is a large superficial muscle that contributes to ageing and sagging of the neck. Once Botox is injected in the platysmal bands, it causes the muscles to relax making the appearance of neck bands less visible. The neck is lifted and no longer able to pull down, delaying ageing and wrinkles to this region. The neck is often treated in sync with the jawline, and DAO muscles as mentioned earlier.

Hyperhidrosis - Hyperhidrosis is the medical term for excessive sweating. Excessive sweating can be due to a variety of reasons including hormonal disorders, underlying health conditions, medication & genetic predisposition. We treat hyperhidrosis using botulinum toxin injections. This is a quick and straightforward method, which is highly effective and can be life changing for those who are troubled by excessive sweating.


Nasal Flaring/Tip Lift – We are able to minimise a nasal flare and lift the nasal tip using small injections of botulinum toxin into specified muscles.

Toxin Facial –The superficial injection needling botulinum (SINB) technique is the dermal injection of microdoses of botulin toxin, not by traditional syringe but with needling technique that consists in multiple microdroplets being administered throughout the superficial skin layer. Studies have shown diluted toxin injected superficially can minimise pore size, decrease sebum production & acne formation. This in turn provides a smooth, relaxed & radiant complexion.

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